Stuck project? See if you're on this list

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Finally, a post we can all use. Jeffrey Yamaguchi, author of a book titled "52 Projects," has compiled a "Not To-Do List," which he introduces thusly:

"Today is the day you start your project. Wake up. Make your coffee. Sit down. Get to work. Now, it should be that simple. Wake up and get to work. But there are many distractions. Mental and otherwise. So this is NOT a to-do list. This is a not-to-do list. You don't need to check anything off, because these are things YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO."

Many of the entries are simple and effective, such as "Do not Google yourself" and "Do not update your address book." But others hit uncomfortably close to home for some of us at Blogma: "Do not get sucked into the argument when your significant other starts screaming about the fact that you drank the last of the milk and even though you said you would get more you didn't. Just apologize, apologize, and then apologize again. (But don't be tempted to apologize 'for being such a horrible person'--that is a sign that you are getting drawn into a bigger dust-up. Stay on target with your apology, explain that you have serious work to do, and get back to your project.)

Words to live by.

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