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Stripe mobile radio comes to Australia

Australia's own subscription radio service, Stripe, begins today, but will it succeed in this era of internet and digital radio?

Australia's answer to satellite radio begins today with the launch of the Stripe music service, which is available from 3G phones and computers.

Stripe features over 30 subscription radio channels through your mobile. (Credit: Stripe)

Stripe ( is a network of over 30 stations each dedicated to specific genres such as greatest hits, Christian, and metal.

In a quote which we think will inevitably come back to haunt him, financial backer Glenn Wheatly — ex-Johnny Farnham cohort and tax-evading home-detainee — said that "Stripe will revolutionise radio as FM did in the 80s". We heard a similar thing at the official launch of digital radio, which probably has more chance of making a ripple on the radio surface.

Oh, and did we mention there's a subscription fee? While you can sign up for a free week of access now, an ongoing membership will cost you AU$7.95 per month.

Maybe Stripe has the potential to shake things up with a bit more promotional muscle behind it, but we think that 3G download costs will kill any enthusiasm for the product once the bills come in. Plus, internet radio is free.