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Strike gold at McDonald's with 18-karat McNugget

Pass the sterling-silver dipping sauce. As part of a promotion, the restaurant chain in Japan is serving up a special chicken nugget worth about $1,500.

Some fast-food chains love tossing around the word "golden" almost as much as they love using grease. McDonald's Japan is taking the lust for gold at the Golden Arches to an extreme. It's offering a 18-karat golden chicken McNugget, worth about $1,500 (£1,038, AU$2,035) as the prize in a new contest.

The contest is part of a promotion for two new dipping sauces, creamy cheddar cheese and "fruits curry," as well as the introduction of a new Hamburglar-looking mascot, Kaito Nuggets, or "Phantom Thief Nuggets," who appears both psychotic and clumsy in a commercial.

You can't just walk into a Tokyo McD's and hope the nugget shows up in your order. Interested patrons must follow the company on social media and try to track where Kaito Nuggets will show up in hopes of winning the tooth-cracking prize.

(Via Hypebeast)