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Stress busters are making us tense up

They'll need to lower prices to help us relax

A/V Stim

We can just hear the Enya track now.

Stress relievers--or, more accurate, products that claim to relieve stress--are nothing new, of course, but that doesn't seem to deter a steady stream of them from coming onto the market seemingly every few days. The latest goes by the sci-fi-sounding name "MindSpa," which we appropriately saw on SCI FI Tech.

Like so many other so-called stress busters, this one uses a combination of calming lights and other New Agey stuff to lull us into a state of relaxation. According to its Web site, "The frequencies of light and sound in our eight Progressive Relaxation Programs (TM) assist the mind into entering slower, deeper brainwave states." Got it.

We'd like to keep an open mind about this kind of thing. Really, we would. But we can't get past SCI FI's trenchant observation: The price alone--$250--would likely prevent us from ever obtaining a state of full nirvana.