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Street View catches couple in throes of passion. Or does it?

In the changing room of an extreme sports store, a couple appears to become extremely amorous. And it's captured by Google Street View. Real love?

It's not quite the soft shoe shuffle.

Sometimes passion just overtakes you.

It's going 110 mph in the outside lane and suddenly all you want to do is take your lover in your arms and express your feelings as fully and openly as you can.

Perhaps that's what happened to a couple in the changing room of the Krakatoa extreme sports store in Briancon, France.

What's odd is that they appeared to have left their underwear adorning their ankles, as it was a sign of incomplete abandon.

What's slightly more odd is that this scene is currently showing on Google Street View.

When the Daily Dot inveigled me into this display of affection, I found myself skeptical.

Originally posted to Reddit, the action felt peculiarly dispassionate, as if a director had told two reluctant actors that a sex scene had been inserted into a movie script at the last minute.

It all seems a touch staged.

Indeed, who would not care to imagine that somehow these two are, in fact, a couple of employees of Krakatoa who slipped into the changing room in order to effect a very effective piece of advertising for their store?

Who might not suspect that they and the Google Street View photographer sought a little arrangement?

As you spin around the store, it's clear that there is no one else there, no shoppers desperate to partake of all its hidden delights.

On the other hand, one has to concede it's possible to be so excited about shopping for skateboarding shoes that one experiences utter sensory overload.