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Street View animator puts you in the driver's seat of any Google Maps trip

Sit back and let Google take you for a ride.


Brian Folts's Street View player animates a video from the driver's seat of any Google Maps route.

Google Maps Street View is convenient if you just want to check out a snapshot view of an address or an intersection, but clicking the arrows left and right to explore the whole neighborhood can be a little tedious.

Software developer Brian Folts has created a useful tool called the Street View Player that takes you on a front-seat ride through any Google Maps route by stringing together Street View images along the way.

It's really easy to use: just type in your origin and destination locations and the tool puts together an animated video of the trip, flip-book style. You can even adjust the frames per second of the video to move faster or slower, and routes options are available for driving, bicycling, walking and public transit.

The only limitation is that you can only look ahead for the duration of the play-through. If you want a hyper-realistic point of view, you can always grab a Google Cardboard and take a Street View tour in virtual reality.

Check out Brian Folts's Street View Player here.