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Street Surfer creates a whole new genre for electric commuting

Neither skateboard nor scooter, the three-wheeled electric Street Surfer is a fun little way to motivate around town.

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There are those with grace and style, who can hop on a two-wheeled scooter and easily maneuver through pedestrians and traffic alike.

Then there are people who need a little extra help balancing. For those folks, there is the Street Surfer by Cycle Board.

A hybrid between a skateboard and a snowboard, the Street Surfer combines familiar steering with your natural instinct to lean. This means you can carve up the sidewalks just like a surfer would carve up a wave, or you can easily zip along in a straight line.

Street Surfer

The Street Surfer's deck can be swapped out for a custom look.

Cycle Board

The electric Street Surfer can go 15 to 20 miles on a charge, depending on your weight and the number of hills you ask it to climb. The telescoping handlebars can accommodate a person up to 6 foot 6 and will fold down flat for easy carrying on public transportation or into a workplace.

Electric power goes to the rear wheel and can propel the Street Surfer up to 20 mph. That speed feels plenty fast, so the Street Surfer features a vented disk brake in the rear for peace of mind.

Other goodies include a cell phone mount, swappable decks, an integrated lock, and a bell. Of course, there is a bell.

Street Surfer

The Street Surfer has a 48v 450w electric motor with five power modes.

Cycle Board

I had the chance to run up and down the halls at CES on the Street Surfer and while I felt pretty secure and it was very intuitive to steer, I'd want some more practice before I started doing any serious carving. Still it's a fun little get about and the two front wheels provide more stability over rough and cracked pavement.

The Street Surfer is currently in development, but a Kickstarter should go live in February.