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Stream TV to any room of the house

Waterproof LCD from Twinbird allows streaming of TV and video content. Cool!

Once again, I posit the question: why does Asia get all the cool stuff? (I sense I'm beginning to whine about this a bit.) Twinbird, a Japanese company that produces a variety of novelty gadgets, is coming out with a product called Link Zabady...or at least, that's how Engadget has translated it. At any rate, a big thanks to my fellow bloggers for bringing this fabulous gadget to my attention, even if I never get my hands on one. The Link Zabady consists of a splash-proof, 7-inch LCD screen with 480x234 resolution, a transmitter box, and a remote. When you combine those three elements with your home entertainment system, you can stream video content to any room in the house. In my case, to the kitchen--what a handy way to make dish washing seem like less of a chore. And the rated 2.5-hour battery life (a charging cradle is included) is more than enough to get you through a nice, long soak in the tub. If you're Japan-bound, you can pick up the Link Zabady after December 1 for about 70,000 yen.

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