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Tech Industry

Stream of RealNetworks deals

The streaming technology company announces a slew of partnerships with the likes of HBO, CNN, and ABC Radio.

RealNetworks' (RNWK) momentum gained speed again today, as the streaming technology company made a slew of partnership announcements.

The Seattle-based company, whose stock has leaped 120 percent over the past month, has been a major player in the streaming technology market. It faces competition from the likes of Microsoft--which has its own streaming technology, NetShow, and owns a 10 percent nonvoting stake in RealNetworks--as well as Apple Computer with its QuickTime application, which was recently updated.

RealNetworks today announced its Real Broadcast Network was inducted into the Smithsonian Institution's Permanent Research Collection on Information Technology Innovation. The network is a collaborative project with MCI Communications that allows broadcasters, content providers, and corporations to broadcast live and on-demand RealAudio and RealVideo programming to large-scale audiences over the Internet and private intranets.

RealNetworks also announced today that it has struck a deal with CNN Interactive to deliver real-time audio and video content for

Under the terms of the deal, CNN will expand its use of RealNetworks' RealPlayer streaming technology in its video news programming online as well as using it for CNN Audioselect, which offers live audio feeds of five CNN networks and updated reports from CNNRadio.

In addition, CNN will provide content to RealNetworks' Daily Briefing, a product that lets users customize multimedia news feeds from a variety of sources and play them on demand.

ABC Radio Networks also said today it will broadcast its programming on the Real Broadcast Network using RealAudio. ABC Radio Networks programming includes ABC News Radio, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the Doug Banks Show, the Fabulous Sports Babe, and Paul Harvey News & Comment. ABC also owns 27 stations in major radio markets, whose programming will be offered on the Real Broadcast Network, according to RealNetworks.

TCI Music also said today it would expand its relationship with RealNetworks. The music arm of cable giant Tele-Communications Incorporated said the firms will collaborate to bring two of TCI Music's products to the Web: DMX, a cable music delivery service; and The Box, an interactive music video channel. The two companies also have a comarketing deal to promote each other's sites.

HBO jumped on the RealNetworks bandwagon today as well, announcing that it will use RealAudio, RealVideo, and RealFlash--a streaming animation technology codeveloped by Macromedia and RealNetworks--to deliver four original comedy programs created especially for the Net.

Finally, JamTV, which operates the Rolling Stone Network, and RealNetworks unveiled Rolling Stone Video-On-Demand, which will launch on the Rolling Stone Network later this month.

The companies said the video-on-demand service will give users access to more than 400 current music videos, which will be updated regularly. Users also will be able to get information about the artists, rate the videos, and buy CDs.