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Stream a real stream with the soothing sounds of national parks

Rock out to the sounds of actual rocks.


Parktracks includes the sounds of bighorn sheep in Utah's Zion National Park. 

National Park Service

Wish you were sitting by a stream in Yosemite listening to water gurgle over rocks instead of in your cubicle hearing clacking keyboards?

The National Park Foundation has dropped Parktracks, a 12-minute soundtrack made from audio recorded at national parks across the United States. Hit play and you'll hear hummingbirds, squirrels, coyotes, owls and other sounds that definitely aren't fire drills and ringtones.

Plenty of mindfulness and relaxation apps offer soothing sounds, of course. But there's something nice about transporting yourself to a stunning site like Zion National Park as you try to become one with nature before you have to become one with your next conference call.

The National Park Foundation, the official charity partner of the National Park Service, released Parktracks to celebrate the park service's 102nd birthday. All sounds were captured by the National Park Service's Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division, which collects some audio and images from the country's national parks. The audio is available to download or stream online

Now excuse me while I go get serenaded by a sheep.