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Strava and Runkeeper bring GPS tracking to Android Wear 2.0

You can now use the popular running apps without having to carry your phone.


The LG Watch Sport is one of a handful of Android Wear watches that includes built-in GPS.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Popular running apps Strava and Runkeeper are now available for Android Wear 2.0 watches. You'll be able to use both apps untethered from your phone (as long as your watch has GPS) to record activities and view real-time stats on time, pace, distance, laps, split times and heart rate.

"Wear 2.0's standalone model is forward thinking and innovative, and pushes the limits of what we thought was possible," said Mateo A. Ortega, head of integration for Strava, in a statement.

"This platform introduces many features that benefit Strava athletes, such as the option to record and upload activities independent of their phone."

Both Strava and Runkeeper for Android Wear 2.0 can be downloaded from the new on-watch app store. A phone is only required for the initial setup, but you'll then be able to record activities without it.