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Strava adds new Beacon feature aimed at keeping runners and cyclists safe

The new feature gives premium subscribers the option to broadcast their location to friends and family members.


Strava, a popular app for runners and cyclists, has announced a new safety feature for premium members. The feature, called Beacon, lets users broadcast their real-time location to friends and family members.

Here's how it works. You turn Beacon on before you start an activity and then select up to three contacts you would like to share your location with -- they don't have to be Strava users. The app will automatically send a text message to the selected contacts that contains a link to your activity. Your loved ones will then be able to see exactly where you are on a map and follow along during your workout.

While touted as a safety feature, Beacon will also be useful for tracking friends and family during big races, such as the New York City marathon. Being able to pinpoint the exact location of a friend will help you find the perfect spot to cheer from and ensure that you don't miss when they run by. You can even post a link on social media to share your progress in real time with more people.

The Beacon feature is available now to Strava Premium subscribers. Premium memberships costs $6 (£4) a month or $59 (£40) a year. Strava is available for both Android and iOS devices.