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Wearable Tech

Strava adds Live Segments to iPhone, Android smartphones

Premium users of the popular running and cycling app will be able to view real-time segment data when working out with their phones.


The popular running and cycling app Strava is getting a small, yet significant update. The San Francisco-based company on Wednesday announced that it has added Live Segments to smartphones, a feature that was previously limited to a handful of Garmin Edge bike computers.

Segments are one of the main draws for the millions of athletes who use the app. These are user-created portions (or segments) of a route where athletes can compete against themselves and one another. For example, a downhill or flat area where users can reach a high speed may be designated a segment, or maybe a specific loop around the neighborhood. Segments can range from a few hundred meters to a couple of miles in length.

The update will allow those riders and runners who work out with their smartphones to view real-time segment data. As athletes approach a popular segment, the screen will automatically switch to Live Segments mode. From here premium users (those who pay $6 a month) will be able to see just how far behind or how much ahead they are of their personal record on that specific segment.

You can also see how far behind you are from the fastest person at the top of the leaderboard (known as King of the Mountain). Upon completing the segment, users will receive a summary of their results and the screen will switch back to display live GPS tracking data.

The Live Segments update for Strava is available now for Android and iOS users.