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Stranger Things seems to be teasing an imminent trailer filled with... rats?

Is the Upside Down overrun with rodents? It's not really clear, but let's hope for footage soon.

Game of Thrones gave us a recent trailer, and so did Avengers: Endgame. Your move, Stranger Things.

On Tuesday, the Netflix show dropped a seven-second clip of a horde of rats running toward something, and captioned it, "it's almost feeding time," following up with an upside-down smiley-face. (The creepy alternate dimension in Stranger Things is called the Upside Down, of course.)

So what's going on? We've seen little snippets from the Netflix show's third season, including the Starcourt Mall ad, but could really use a full trailer before the show returns on July 4. Are the rats a new terror for the kids and grown-ups of Hawkins? Are they running from something, or to something? Or are they just a generic symbol of creepiness hinting at an upcoming trailer that has nothing to do with rats? 

They've been hinted at before -- the season 3 poster, released on New Year's Eve, definitely shows some rats at the bottom of the picture.

One Twitter user hoped this means a new trailer is coming on... World Rat Day, which as we all know is April 4. (Just kidding, we never heard of it before.)

The World Rat Day tie-in seems a little far-fetched, but a trailer should be arriving sometime soon. So get ready to say cheese, residents of Hawkins. Stranger Things will return to Netflix on July 4.