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It's official: Netflix greenlights 'Stranger Things' season two

"Stranger Things" fans, prepare for goosebumps: Netflix has officially renewed the hit paranormal thriller with a YouTube video set to the show's retro theme music.


"Stranger Things" will return for a nine-episode second season in 2017.


Call it strangerer things.

Netflix renewed its sci-fi thriller throw-back "Stranger Things" for a second season on Tuesday with a fan-tantalizing video on YouTube.

Show writers and creators Matt and Ross Duffer had already teased some of their plans for a second season of the popular show since its debut July 15, but Netflix made it official Tuesday. The company said nine new episodes will debut in 2017. The Duffer brothers will return to handle things, as will executive producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

The company also released a YouTube video to confirm the renewal, one set to the show's 1980's theme music that's sure to send tingles up and down fans' spines.