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'Stranger Things' logo generator makes any text a bit stranger adds some '80s horror flair with a side of Stephen King to any text you input.

We've been strange-ified.

You've probably already binge-watched your way through Netflix's "Stranger Things," the '80s throwback show about kids, special powers and things that roam in the dark. You gasped at the ending. You furiously googled whether or not there would be a season 2. Now claim the retro red logo for your own with, a handy "Stranger Things" logo generator.

The site's simple design is a joy to behold. Dusty motes float in the background, evoking the dark and mysterious look of the Upside Down world from the series. The logo pops up, just slightly fuzzy, like you're watching it on a VHS tape. You might even recognize the typeface from those old Choose Your Own Adventure books you may or may not have been obsessed with in your younger days.

The generator comes from creative design studio Nelson Cash. There are some limitations. It doesn't handle spaces between words and it seems to get hung up on special characters. You're not going to pull off a whole sentence, but that's not a big deal. This is about taking your name or your business and making it look like it could grace the opening sequence to a delightfully creepy Netflix series. Mission accomplished for

(Via Boing Boing)