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'Stranger Things' Erica offers snarky Thanksgiving advice

The surprise hit character of season 2 has some choice responses to serve up to your nosy family members.

One of the surprise hit characters of the second season of "Stranger Things" is Erica Sinclair, Lucas' little sister (Priah Ferguson). She doesn't have a giant role, but plays the part of the annoying little sister to perfection.

On Thursday, Netflix released a short video of Erica offering advice on how to handle your family at Thanksgiving, pairing bits of her dialogue from the show with the kind of bothersome questions that fly around the holiday table.

In short, Erica treats rude questions like Eleven treats Eggos -- gobbles 'em down without stopping to think. If someone asks about school, just take a tip from Erica and snark back, "you are such a nerd." If Grandma's nosing around about whether you'll be getting married soon, serve up a giant helping of "could you pleeease shut up?" 

The one-minute video includes some memorable season 2 moments, including the KFC dinner, walkie-talkie fun, and even a few He-Man appearances. It was probably smart for the "Stranger Things" crew to enlist Erica in their battle against the demogorgons last year. If she can handle Thanksgiving family, she can surely survive the Upside Down.