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Stranger Things Lego set unboxing takes us to the Upside Down

Fittingly, the Netflix hit's first Lego set flips upside down. Check out our unboxing and build.

You'll want help from something other than a Demogorgon to build the first Stranger Things Lego set. It's designed to be constructed by two people, with two sets of instructions.

It's the Upside Down, you see. You and a friend are literally using Lego to craft two different dimensions together. 

After Lego Star Wars, Lego Avengers and Lego Harry Potter, the '80s-set Netflix show is the latest pop culture hit to be immortalized in brick form. Numbered 75810 and including 2,287 pieces, the Stranger Things set depicts the home of the Byers family. The show began with young Will Byers dragged into the terrifying dark dimension known as the Upside Down, and the set features its own brick-built mirror image of the house. There are two sections to this Lego set -- simply flip the whole thing over to take your playtime to the Upside Down.

Check out our unboxing and build:

Both halves of the set are basically the same, with the features of the normal house repeated in the Upside Down with a nightmarish twist. When you've assembled each of the two houses, you then build four trees that clip to the sides of the house and act as sturdy legs, so you can display the set either way up.

The set has more features than the Hawkins lab has test subjects. In the living room is the alphabet wall of fairy lights that Joyce used to communicate with her missing son -- they're really illuminated by a Lego light brick. 

As you build, you re-create various rooms in the house with extras like a boombox, posters on the wall and missing-persons flyers for Will and the hapless Barb. All of these features are mirrored in the Upside Down, which is the same as the house above except it's made of gray and blue bricks. 

The cast of Stranger Things make themselves at home too. The set comes with minifigures of Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will, with Joyce Byers and Sheriff Jim Hopper. Dressed in their familiar season 1 outfits, they're armed with catapults, radios and flashlights, while Eleven sports a blond wig and carries her favorite Eggo waffles. Dustin's compass is a particularly cool accessory. 

Look out for a horrifying demigorgon minifig too. 

Sheriff Hopper and the Stranger Things gang in minifig form.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Another highlight is Sheriff Hopper's Chevrolet Blazer police cruiser, which you can drive around separately or park outside the house.

The Stranger Things Upside Down Lego set is a pretty fun build, especially if you put it together with someone. You're building similar models but each with a slight twist, so you can collaborate or even race each other. It took us well over five hours to put the set together, with fun features, stickers and minifigs spread out throughout the build.  

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The release date for the Stranger Thing Lego set is May 14 for Lego VIP members. It's on sale to rest of us June 1, and it's exclusive to Lego Stores and Lego's own website so you can't buy it elsewhere.

The price is $200 in the US, £180 in the UK and around €180-€200 in Europe.

Stranger Things season 3's release date is set for July 4, 2019 on Netflix. The forthcoming third season is set in 1985, as the kids deal with growing up on top of the usual demonic shenanigans.