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Final 'Stranger Things' trailer terrifies with tentacles

Something wicked this way comes as "Stranger Things" drops its final trailer ahead of its spooky season 2 return.

"These are not nightmares. It's happening," Chief Hopper tells Joyce Byers in the final trailer for the season 2 return of "Stranger Things." 

Will Byers may be back, but things aren't right in Hawkins, Indiana. There's a bigger monster than ever haunting the town and our heroes from last season. But before we jump into all the drama, the video kindly kicks off with an Eggo waffle in the woods.

Netflix teased the arrival of the final trailer on Thursday with a pitch-perfect spoof of the trailer for 1980 slasher-film classic "Friday the 13th." That video dropped quick flashes of scenes showing harrowing situations with very little context to go on. The new video drives home how an evil is stretching its wavy tentacle-arms into Hawkins and our band of nerdy kids will need Will to help defeat it. 

Our first big hints about the new season came back in July when Netflix released a full trailer with this ominous description: "Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived." The new's season's terrifying beast makes season 1's demogorgon look like a bunny rabbit in comparison. 

"It's judgement day," says Lucas Sinclair. The final trailer adds some more shading to what we know so far, but it still just hints at the battle to come (and Eleven's wavy hair). 

"Stranger Things" returns to Netflix on Oct. 27 with the availability of all nine episodes of season 2.