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'Stranger Things' director will helm 'Uncharted' movie

Shaun Levy will bring PlayStation star Nathan Drake to the big screen.

"Uncharted" hero Nathan Drake is being fast-tracked to the big screen.

Naughty Dog

One of the minds behind "Stranger Things" is to take the controls of the long-awaited "Uncharted" movie.

The Uncharted video game series began in 2007, and its cinematic action has been the subject of rumors about a movie adaptation pretty much ever since. The fourth and final game was released for the PlayStation in June of this year, and on Tuesday Deadline reported that Sony is planning to fast-track the movie with "Stranger Things" executive producer Shawn Levy in charge.

As well as directing two episodes of the Netflix hit series "Stranger Things," Levy previously directed the "Night at the Museum" films, "Real Steel" and a remake of "The Pink Panther." His career is full of ups and downs: he produced the excellent "Arrival" but also directed the truly awful Google-themed comedy "The Internship." He's also tapped to remake John Carpenter's "Starman" at some point, because that's apparently what the world needs.

Previously Joe Carnahan and David O Russell were linked to the "Uncharted" film. It remains to be seen who will play the game's hero, Nathan Drake -- could this finally be fan favorite Nathan Fillion's moment? And will there be a role for Winona Ryder?