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'Stranger Things' baby demodog will happily eat your enemies

There's something Strange-ly satisfying in watching cute little Dart devour whatever photo you upload to the Feed Dart site.


Go ahead, feed Dart from "Stranger Things 2." He's always hungry.

Feed Dart

Warning: A very minor spoiler for season two of "Stranger Things" ahead.

Boss got you down? Best friend do you wrong? Can't believe your football team's field-goal kicker missed three field-goal attempts? Nab yourself a little satisfaction, "Stranger Things"-style, by feeding your nemesis to a demodog.

In season 2 of the hit Netflix show (spoiler coming), Dustin makes a pet of a creature from the Upside Down, naming it D'Artagnan because it likes Three Musketeers chocolate bars, and nicknaming it Dart. Dart apparently is a youngish creature related to the show's nasty demogorgon, and the kids call him a "demodog."

Now, at a show-created site called Feed Dart, you can upload a photo of whatever you want Dart to eat, and you'll be treated to a sharp video of Dart merrily munching it down. It's Strange-ly cathartic. 

Warning: I was able to feed Dart successfully early on Thursday, but later in the day tried multiple times, and the site hung after I'd uploaded the photo. Maybe he was full.