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'Stranger Things 2' is here to take your weekend to the Upside Down

Stream the darker side of television and movies in preparation for Halloween.


Nine episodes of "Stranger Things 2" are finally available. 


It's time for your weekly guide to finding out what to watch online. If you're new to this series, there's a podcast below that lets you know what's been newly added or coming up soon. Sometimes we include trivia, sometimes we just try to pack in as much info as you can in a minute or two. If you're not new to this, you've already skipped this part. 

The elephant in the room is "Stranger Things 2." It's out now and frankly, I'm curious why you're not watching it instead of reading this. 

Here comes some bonus content not found in the audio below. One of my favorite things to watch around Halloween time is "The Twilight Zone." Four seasons of the show are available on Netflix. The show's pacing may not be that fun for kids, so if you're looking for a spooky family option, there's always "Goosebumps." Five seasons of the anthology series are available on Netflix. 

On the movie front, you can watch way too many "Saw" movies on Netflix, "Cloverfield" and "10 Cloverfield Lane" on Hulu, or "The Green Room" on Amazon Prime.

Want to know what else is new? Listen to this guy:

Let's make some Eggo waffles

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