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Straight Talk quietly starts supporting AT&T LTE

Ma Bell's 4G LTE network is one more choice for customers of the no-contract service provider.

Straight Talk now supports AT&T's 4G LTE network. Straight Talk

Just like that, prepaid smartphone service Straight Talk has started selling SIM cards that support unlocked devices using AT&T-compatible 4G LTE.

With monthly plans that start at $45 for "unlimited" data, Straight Talk could be considered a better value than AT&T's own prepaid service, Aio Wireless, which starts at $55 per month.

Whereas Aio is clear about its speed-throttling practices, Straight talk is more ambiguous and hasn't officially disclosed its policies.

Existing Straight Talk customers, even those already using an AT&T device, must purchase a new SIM or micro-SIM card in order to take advantage of AT&T's LTE network.

(Via Droid Life)