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Stove Top stuffing sells out of expandable Thanksgiving pants

Sadly, there are no leftovers, but these pants would've been perfect for that cousin who loves Turkey Day just a little more than the rest of us.

Stuffing or potatoes? You can have both comfortably if you're wearing a pair of Stove Top stuffing's new expandable pants, introduced Monday and perfect for Thanksgiving-dinner overeaters.

In a video that seems like a parody ad from "Saturday Night Live," the company trumpets the pants' stretchy waistband and leftover-appropriate pockets, all decorated with images of stuffing. The pants cost $19.98 (£15, AU$26) a pair. 

And although the video claims the pant design is "based on the same technology used in astronauts' underpants" and can "expand to more than two times their original size," a caption declares that a "dramatized claim (not a real thing)."

Sadly, there are no leftovers. When I checked on Tuesday, the pants had sold out. Stove Top's parent company, Kraft, told me that "unfortunately there will not be more pants; however Stove Top has (Thanksgiving) cards that are available for download on the website."

Nice try, but really, no card can replace the glorious pants. However, as the company's snarky video points out, maternity pants, which often feature a stretchy front panel, would also fit the bill.

Stove Top is also donating $10,000 to Feeding America, a hunger-relief charity, for the holiday.