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Stormtrooper motorcycle suit: Ride the Dark Side

Gear up for your next chopper ride with the Stormtrooper motorcycle suit from UD Replicas. The detailed suit is crafted from leather with protective armor and geeky awesomeness built in.

Stormtrooper motorcycle suite
Born to be geeky. UD Replicas

There are two worlds. One is full of leather, growling engines, and the call of the open road. The other is full of TIE fighters, adorable Ewoks, and the call of open space. At last, they have come together.

The Stormtrooper motorcycle suit from UD Replicas melds the power of the Dark Side with the power of leather. It's available in Shadow Trooper Black or Imperial White.

Shadow Trooper motorcycle suit
Now you can start your own Star Wars motorcycle gang. (Click to enlarge.) UD Replicas

The suit looks suitably intimidating, especially if you opt for the ominous black one. It's made from leather with built-in body armor. This is way tougher than that plastic costume you bought a decade ago.

A removable quilted cotton lining minimizes chafing. It's important to be comfortable while you're doing the bidding of the Galactic Empire.

The suits are officially licensed, so you don't have to worry about George Lucas showing up and demanding that you strip to your skivvies and hand over your armor.

The Hell's Angels might laugh at you if you rumble up wearing a Stormtrooper suit at a motorcycle rally, but you will be worshiped as a god at Comic-Con.

Sales are open through the end of January, with delivery in the spring. You can purchase individual pieces, but you should really get the whole set (which doesn't include a helmet) for about $1,140. Happy Jedi hunting!

(Via Chip Chick)