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Store trots out Treo

PalmOne's new Silicon Valley store focuses exclusively on the Treo family of smart phones. Photo: PalmOne's Treo 650

PalmOne on Monday launched a Silicon Valley shop for its Treo family of smart phones.

The store, located at the Valley Fair mall in San Jose, Calif., will stockpile PalmOne's Treo 600 and its recently launched Treo 650 smart phones, as well as accessories and software.

The Treo smart phone combines the functionality of a mobile phone with that of an organizer, a Web browser and a messaging device. The Treo 600 has played a critical role in PalmOne's turnaround strategy, accounting for nearly half of its revenue in the first quarter.

"To support this level of interest, the new Treo Store offers an attractive and comfortable environment where potential customers can interact with and buy Treo smart phones and a wide range of software and accessories," John Hartnett, PalmOne vice president, said in a statement.

PalmOne has been pursuing a serious retail initiative and has launched 13 retail shops at malls and airports across the nation.