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Store or share files from new HP docking station

The world's going notebook-crazy, but lots of people never take their PC out of the office. HP plans to introduce a new $399 docking station Tuesday that will cater to both the deskbound and the world traveler.

HP docking station

The 3-in-1 NAS Docking Station comes with a 160GB hard drive built into the base of the unit. It supports most HP business notebooks, which can be set to automatically back up the contents of the notebook's hard drive every night to the docking station with software bundled along with the dock. The hard drive in the dock can also be accessed while on the road through a VPN (virtual private network) connection, said Carol Hess-Nickels, director of commercial notebooks for HP.

Most workers at large corporations have their own space on a server somewhere in the building that they can access in the office or on the road, but smaller businesses don't always have the means to set that up, Hess-Nickels said. Those outfits can use the new dock as a file server with software included for setting that up.

HP also plans to introduce a new business notebook Tuesday with AMD's new Turion X2 mobile processor. The nx6325 costs $1,049 with a 15-inch display and the new dual-core chip. Both the notebook and the docking station will be available by the end of June.