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StorageTek ships ATM security

The Atlas security product, a combination of hardware and software to guard fast ATM ATM networks, is en route.

Promising security for high-speed networks, StorageTek (STK) today announced it's shipping its Atlas security product, a combination of hardware and software to guard ATM networks.

Atlas (ATM Line Access and Security system) provides security for fast ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) networks, which carry traffic at 155 mbps, or OC3 speeds. StorageTek's Network Systems Group says the technology can handle OC12 speeds, but not all ATM traffic moves that fast.

Firewall products used to guard other networks don't work fast enough to handle ATM traffic at maximum speeds, forcing ATM network managers to choose between speed and security.

"The ability of Atlas to handle peak ATM loads without compromising speed or security is significant," said Matthew Kovar, senior analyst with The Yankee Group.

StorageTek claims to be the first to market this ATM security technology, but others are working in the same area. Secant Network Technologies is beta testing its CellCase Key Agile ATM Encryptor system and expects to ship it later this year. GTE's InfoGuard product targets the same space.

Atlas customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, which uses Atlas both internally and externally to secure its operational functions over the network.

Atlas uses StorageTek's patent-pending "policy cache architecture," which filters network traffic in hardware, not software, to speed processing. That allows customers to extend their Internet Protocol (IP) security policies into an ATM environment.

Atlas is available immediately through StorageTek's direct sales force priced at $60,000 to $100,000.