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Storage containers are leftovers' best friend

Rubbermaid 44-piece food container set covers all your Thanksgiving leftover needs.

Thankful for leftovers. Amazon via Rubbermaid

I'm already looking forward to my favorite part of Thanksgiving: leftovers. The days immediately following Turkey Day are filled with delicious morsels of every imaginable color, shape, size, texture and most importantly, taste. We will ponder sandwich combinations that aren't seen any other time of year. A mashed potato, turkey, and cranberry sandwich topped with a glazed carrot drizzle? Sure, why not? One can only eat so many plates with nicely compartmentalized leftovers. Sometimes the party just has to come together. (Note to self: This year find something to mix in with that all-too-familiar green bean casserole).

As much as Americans enjoy trying new combinations in the days following Thanksgiving, there needs to be a way to store it all. Even in times of nonexcessive cooking I save everything. It just goes against my sensibilities as a food appreciator to throw anything away. Thus, my fridge is always packed with a wide assortment of containers. As a fan of leftovers, I have an appreciation for the oft-overlooked simplicity of the storage container.

The Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids 44-pc. Food Storage Set is an easy way to accommodate all your leftover needs. Even if you are having a 22 course meal, all your delicious combos-in-waiting will be covered. The containers are clear, so you can easily imagine possibilities without having to open everything up. So, ponder the possibilities and let us know if anything works particularly well.

Meanwhile, I'm already thinking about mixing those candied yams with that leftover pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!