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Stop cleaning your oven

With the Chef's Planet Oven Liner, you can catch spills in your oven and avoid baked on grime.

The Chef's Planet Oven Liner Target

One of my favorite desserts to cook is cheesecake, but I always wind up spilling at least a little of the batter as I put the pan in the oven. I can't clean it up until the oven cools down and, by that time, it's baked on to the bottom of the oven and takes major cleaning to remove. The Chef's Planet Oven Liner eliminates that heavy-duty cleaning. It sits on the bottom of an oven and catches any spills, protecting your appliance. For minor spills, the oven liner wipes clean. For major messes (like baked-on cheesecake), it can go in the dishwasher. The mat is fully reusable and reversible.

The Chef's Planet Oven Liner is made to fit 23-inch ovens, but you can trim it to fit in a smaller oven. It's made from PTFE-coated fiberglass and can stand temperatures as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven liner sits on the bottom of your oven, if your oven is gas or does not have visible heating elements. If it's electric and has a heating element, the mat can simply slide underneath. The Chef's Planet Oven Liner is $16.99.