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Stop acting like Switzerland--get an HD DVD player for $250

Circuit City just knocked $150 off the price of Toshiba's HD-A20 player, so maybe it's a good time to choose sides in the format war.


Ready to take the high-def DVD plunge? I wouldn't. I think most HDTV owners are better off with a decent (and inexpensive) upconverting DVD player, which makes existing DVDs look a helluva lot better and saves you from having to choose sides in the ridiculous Blu-ray versus HD DVD war.

On the other hand, if you're tired of waiting and want to enjoy every pixel of your 1080p TV right now, consider the Toshiba HD-A20 HD DVD player. Circuit City has it on clearance for $249.99--not quite the sub-$200 price point the players need to achieve critical mass, but definitely a price break. (Most vendors are selling the same model for around $400.)

What's your take on the whole Blu-ray/HD DVD debacle? Are you going to wait it out? Wait for lower prices? Or are you already enjoying the high-def goodness?