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Stomp some baddies in Mario Converse sneaks

We've got an itch to touch us some Super Stars and get all Mario on some poor unfortunate bitmappy baddies. Looks like Converse is set to hand us just the footwear for the job.

We've been having a classic-video-game kind of time here at Crave recently, what with our sister site CNET News revisiting one of the old-schoolest of them all--Spacewar--and Crave itself reminiscing about all the quarters we scrounged (and promptly fed to Pac-Man) back in the days of the old arcade.

It's no wonder, then, that we've got an itch to make like Mario, touch us some Super Stars, and stomp us some enemies.

Luckily, it looks like Converse is set to hand us just the footwear for the job. According to blog Highsnobiety, the shoemaker plans to release the pictured sneaks--the Converse One Star Super Mario Bros. OX--this coming March, in Japan (apparently no pricing info is available yet). We're hoping we'll be able to track them down online.

As you can see, they're One Star lowtops with the iconic Converse star converted to a Super Star (or, if you prefer, Starman)--so the wearer is always in contact with said star and is thus, of course, always invincible. Classically bitmappy versions of Mario and Luigi chug along endearingly on the heel of the shoe.

Now, we've seen Mario-themed athletic shoes before. But these leather lows have a certain class that's lacking in Converse's earlier Mario high-tops, or Nike's Gymboree-ish Mario numbers (which are almost as bad as Shoeglers). (Actually, we're pretty fond of the Mario-dotted Chucks, but they're a little busy, and we're afraid they'd clash with the other geeky gear we might be wearing, like, say, our Muscles Leggings or Fantastic Four T-shirt.)

Heck, these classy kicks are the sort of thing you could wear to your own wedding. If, of course, you were a total gaming geek. And we're sure you're not that.

Or are you?