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Stock your phone with a 2GB microSD card for $8.99 shipped

If you're looking for dirt-cheap storage for your cell phone or smartphone, has a 2GB microSD card for $8.99 shipped. It's a retail package with no rebates required.


Cell phones and smartphones increasingly rely on microSD media for added storage. A 2GB card would let you carry a few ripped movies, about 500 MP3s, loads of photos, countless documents, and so on. has a PQI 2GB microSD card on sale for just $8.99. No rebates, free shipping, beat that.

The card comes with a fairly important extra: an SD adapter so you can use it with the vast majority of media-card readers (few of which have microSD slots). It even comes in a retail package, so it qualifies for PQI's lifetime warranty. Pretty sweet deal if you want some cheap storage for your phone. If I didn't already have a 2GB card in my Palm Centro, you can bet I'd be snapping one up in a (sorry) flash.