Stock up on one-hit wonders for 69 cents each

Amazon has 129 cheap tracks from artists who would be long forgotten if not for their single breakthrough singles.

Screenshot by Rick Broida

Continuing this week's unofficial deals-under-$10 theme, let's talk cheap tunes.

For a limited time, Amazon is offering 129 one-hit wonder MP3s for 69 cents each. (That's the promotion's landing page. If you want to see the choices in list form, click here.)

You've probably heard most, if not all, of these songs on the radio, which is still the place where one-hit wonders are born. And maybe you even bought an entire album just to get one song--only to be disappointed by the rest of the tunes.

Heck, maybe you've long harbored a secret love for Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby," but couldn't bring yourself to spend a whole buck on it. But 69 cents? Yeah, you can live with that.

These 129 tracks span a handful of genres: pop, rock, jazz, and R&B. Without further adieu, here are my top-five picks:

Screenshot by Rick Broida

"Fade Into You," Mazzy Star. (Who?)

"Stacy's Mom," Fountains of Wayne. (That may have been their only breakout hit, but they're a terrific band, with lots of great songs across their handful of albums.)

"Lullaby," Shawn Mullins. (I kind of hate myself for liking this song.)

"Unbelievable," EMF. (HO! Dum dum, da da da dum.)

"Brandy," Looking Glass. (Because I grew up in the '70s, and, well, I'm lame.)

OK, your turn: tell me what tunes have you searching the couch cushions for loose change (metaphorically speaking; remember, PCs do not have coin slots).

Also, this is kind of unrelated, but why is it I can pay 69 cents for a song I'll listen to over and over and over again, for life, but have to pay $10-15 for an e-book I'll read once and then probably delete? I sure wish book publishers would get a clue and start offering older titles for a buck or two. I've got my credit card right here, guys!

Bonus deal: Got Facebook? Then head to Flixster's page to score a free movie you can stream or download to your Android or iOS device. You will need to sign up for an UltraViolet account, but it's free and there's no credit card required. The dozen movie selections aren't fabulous, but you should be able to find something you'll like. My recommendation: "Matchstick Men," an underrated con-man drama.

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