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Still waiting for your Oculus Rift? VR headset has returned to Amazon

The Rift virtual-reality headset is now back in stock at the online retailing giant.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Some people who ordered an Oculus Rift headset awhile back because they couldn't wait to get their hands on one may still be waiting. For those who can't wait any longer, there's some good news. The virtual-reality headset is back in stock on Amazon for $599, with one-day shipping.

The Rift first became available on Amazon in early May in limited quantities but quickly sold out. Oculus' website currently shows an estimated ship date of August for new orders.

Facebook-owned Oculus began shipping the retail version of Rift at the end of March but soon ran into delivery problems because of a parts shortage. At the time, the company responded by covering the shipping costs on all preorders made by April 1.

Oculus didn't have an immediate comment on shipping times.

[Via Polygon]