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Still more on the PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) "White Spot" issue

Still more on the PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) "White Spot" issue

We continue to receive feedback from readers who are receiving their repaired, spot-free PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) units. Though the addition AppleCare is helping most affected users get faster assistance, we've received several reports that have praised Apple's standard warranty customer service process.

A note from MacFixIt reader Brian Bass notes the positive service experience, and backs earlier reports that Apple is replacing the entire screen housing on systems affected severely by white spots:

"I endured the 'white spot' issue for several weeks before I sent my PB in for repair just before Thanksgiving. I can confirm that repair is pretty swift for this problem - I sent my machine in on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and received it on the following Monday. It took less than a week and that was even over a holiday weekend. Not bad. One thing to note is that they seemed to have replaced the LCD as I used to have a dead pixel or two but they are no longer there. Also, I am happy to say that the white spots have not returned.

"I found Apple to be responsive and helpful in setting my machine up for repair. All looks to be resolved now and I have no issues with the way anything was handled. I've always been aware of the issues that first generation machines might have but I don't regret the purchase of my machine at all."


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