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Still hope for see-through glasses

Northrop-Grumman developing security technology


If you're old enough to remember comic books before they were cool, you'll undoubtedly recall these three advertising staples: Sea Monkeys, 500 toy soldiers for something like 50 cents, and the always-popular glasses that could see through clothing.

The Sea Monkeys turned out to be brine shrimp, and the toy soldiers have been declared politically incorrect. But hope shines brightly for the see-through glasses at Northrop-Grumman Space Technology. There, according to Ubergizmo, researchers are working on a technology that "enables one to see right through clothing." Lest you get too excited, however, this is strictly for security purposes to detect weapons and other contraband. So the images are blurry and gray--clear enough to identify a firearm but no other voyeuristic fodder (unless you're really into guns). But researchers say they're working on it.