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Stiletto lifts your laptop in style

The simple, wooden Stiletto laptop stand adds a touch of nature to your gadget-strewn desk.

Stiletto laptop stand

I just spent the past week vacationing in a rural area of Hawaii, where I was surrounded by palm trees and dense tropical foliage. Now I'm back in my office, surrounded by plastic computer cases and peripherals, all atop a white laminate desk. It's bad enough that my vacation's over, but the sudden withdrawal of natural materials is really bringing me down.

Which is why the wooden Stiletto laptop stand spoke to me when I saw it on shopping blog Mighty Goods Wednesday morning. The unique stand is quite a bit more stylish than the usual plastic riser, and it can be self-assembled without any hardware or glue. Best of all, it has two ledges: one to lift your laptop to a more comfortable height, the other to hold papers, pens, and other materials you'd want to keep close at hand.

If you're likewise enchanted, the stand will set you back $49 plus shipping (contact designer for shipping rates). But hey--it's cheaper than most wooden computer accessories.