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Steve Martin to publish a book from his tweets

The actor and comedian is to compile the best tweets in a book, the profits of which will go to charity. And wait till you hear the title.

He's not the first to publish a book from from his tweets, but seeing as Steve Martin has more than 1.7 million followers to call on for replies, his could be more varied than Sh*t My Dad Says.

And while most are cash-in efforts, all profits from Martin's will go to charity, reports CNET.

The actor and comedian tweeted: "Due to absolutely no demand, soon I'm publishing a book of my tweets. Many of your replies included! All my profits to charity."

So why buy a book when you can read his timeline? One twitterer called Benjamin Mora asked Martin just that, though he phrased it: "Why would I buy this lame book when I could just look at your twitter history?" Martin replied: "Because I'll edit out all the garbage." Whether Mora's tweet will make the book or not, we don't know.

And what's this tome to be called? Get this -- according to Reuters, Martin's publishers said the book will be named The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits of Very Organized People. Make That Ten.

As a sample of what to expect, last year Martin caused a stir when he claimed to be tweeting from jury duty. "REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: defendant looks like a murderer. GUILTY. Waiting for opening remarks." He was joking, of course. On 20 October he tweeted: "Lunch with Gadhafi, cancelled."

And it seems Martin is a bit of  gadget fan. "With all my gadgets, had to start carrying a 'man-purse.' Reluctantly gave up my girl-purse," he tweeted on 17 September. And he's a fan of Siri, though the feelings aren't mutual. On 18 October, he tweeted: "Got the new iPhone and it keeps saying, 'you're a creep.'"

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