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Steve Jobs will stay on Disney board (report)

Jobs' position on the Disney board is unchanged, says Bloomberg, citing a person with knowledge of the matter.

Click on the photo to see CNET's complete coverage on Jobs' resignation as Apple CEO. Greg Sandoval/CNET

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will remain on the board of Walt Disney, according to a published report.

Citing an unnamed source with knowledge of the matter, Bloomberg reported today that Jobs' position as a board member at Disney is unchanged. What's easy to forget in all the coverage this week about Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple is that he also helped build Pixar into the mammoth animation studio it became.

In May 2006, Jobs sold Pixar to Disney for $7.4 billion, giving him a 7.4 percent stake in Disney, one of the six largest Hollywood film studios.

In his resignation letter Wednesday, Jobs said he's no longer able to fulfill his duties as CEO but will remain at Apple as chairman.

Disney continues to list Jobs as a board member on its Web site, though it has not updated Jobs' information page to note that he is no longer Apple's chief executive.

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.