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Steve Jobs: The Source of All Evil

More ZDNet blogger silliness about Steve Jobs and DRM.

Hey, readers, it's stupid ZDNet blog post day!

Oh, let's not kid ourselves. Every day is stupid ZDNet blog post day!

But how stupid is this one? Really stupid. Because now Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is blaming Steve Jobs for the DCMA DMCA [Note: the Macalope always gets that damn acronym wrong. It's possible, however, that Kingsley-Hughes also believes Jobs is to blame for the Defense Contract Management Agency.].

It seems that Steve Jobs is looking for a new way to make money from consumers (Steve Jobs looking for a way to make money, that's not news I hear you say ... read on ...).

Oh, the Macalope stands corrected. Steve Jobs is not only to blame for the DCMA DMCA, he's also to blame for capitalism.

This time his idea is that Hollywood should start selling "premium" DVDs that contain an iTunes-compatible version of the movie for an extra few bucks.

Wait, who's idea was that again? Let's look at the source -- a New York Times blog post -- Kingsley-Hughes links to:

More interestingly perhaps, the studios are hoping to create [emphasis the Macalope's] "premium" versions of DVDs that include a copy of the movie that can easily be put on an iPod (and presumably a laptop with iTunes or an Apple TV).

Spin, magic wheel of bullshit! Spin!

Kingsley-Hughes pompously proclaims:

It seems that fair use is OK in the eyes of Steve Jobs, as long as it comes at a price.

And its seems disingenuous blog posts are OK in the eyes of Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, as long as it comes at the expense of Apple or Steve Jobs.

In fairness, Techdirt also misreads it in exactly the same way -- transposing "the studios" for "Steve Jobs" -- and Cory Doctorow takes TechDirt at its word, so Kingsley-Hughes isn't the only one.

Jackassery, of course, loves company.