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Steve Jobs' signature is the star of retro Apple gear collection at auction

An original 1983 Apple Macintosh is going for $25,000.

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A few vintage T-shirts are up for grabs (if you have a few hundred dollars to spare) in the Apple auction. 

RR Auction/ Screenshot by Shelby Brown/ CNET

You might consider yourself an Apple fan if you use only the company's products, but now there's a way to level up. RR Auction is accepting bids for some very special Apple items. The "Steve Jobs auction featuring The Lifetime Collection of Apple Product Design Engineer, Jerrold Manock" will take place March 5-12 and has items like Steve Jobs' signed Apple II contract for $35,000, and more. 

Bidders can also make a grab for an original 1983 Macintosh computer that belonged to Manock, who worked for Apple and is regarded as the "father" of Apple Industrial Design Group. The collection also includes lower-priced items like an Apple mug signed by Manock for $200.  

Jobs, who passed away in 2011, would've celebrated his 65th birthday on Monday. To mark the occasion, Apple's CEO Tim Cook tweeted a tribute to the late co-founder. 

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Correction, 2:03 p.m PT: An earlier version of this story misstated how old Steve Jobs would have turned this year. The Apple co-founder would have celebrated his 65th birthday.