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Steve Jobs rallies Yahoo execs

Apple CEO speaks to Yahoo managers and Yahoo CEO talks about improving his company's ecosystem to get it back on track.

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs was brought in to Yahoo as a sort of motivational speaker at a managers' meeting on Friday, according to GigaOm.

And what did he say? Basically, that like Apple in its troubled days, Yahoo has valuable assets and just needs to execute. Easier said than done.

Steve Jobs at the Apple Worldwide Developers' Conference in June. James Martin/CNET

Kara Swisher at The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog writes that co-founder and Chief Executive Jerry Yang, at the same meeting, talked about the Yahoo ecosystem, which includes: "the building out of Yahoo's ad network, taking advantage of its 'consumer insights'; the creation of a healthier corporate culture where fresh ideas could bubble up more effectively and be launched with less agony; and a new move to create a more open network a la Facebook on Yahoo for third-party developers to publish on and create more robust offerings," she wrote.

"Many were dubious about the latter and Yahoo's ability to open itself up and become a truly accessible platform play, rather than just a good partner for publishers," Swisher continued.