Steve Jobs plays dress-up

To say Apple fans were anxiously anticipating Steve Job's keynote on the opening day of this week's developers conference is probably an understatement. But they weren't just waiting for confirmation of news reports that Apple is moving to Intel processors. They were looking for the answer to another important question: Would Jobs deviate from his trademark jeans and black mock turtleneck?

dress-up game

Jobs, did, in fact, shock some attendees by donning a black shirt and black pants, something Joy of Tech cartoonists Nitrozac (aka Liza Schmalcel) and Snaggy (aka Bruce Evans) say could have something to do with their June 1 "Steve Jobs Dress-up Game" comic. The somewhat addicting game allows you to dress Jobs up using his "insanely great magic wardrobe," which ranges in theme from pirate chic to biker geek to hippy freak.

Perhaps Jobs did take a hint from the 200-some Steve Jobs Dress-up contests entrants, who clearly long to see a wilder side of Jobs. One of the honorable mentions was a Mohawked, tattooed Jobs wearing nothing but his Skivvies and an iPod. Another contest entry portrayed "What happens when Steve listens to his Michael Jackson iPod Shuffle." Our favorite, however, was the Jobs clad in all-white styled by "the designers of the iPod."

The game has "been a phenomenal hit," Evans said, noting that it's been getting almost 100,000 hits a day. Evans and Schmalcel are also the creators of, a high-tech humor Web site that's home to their comic. The site alludes to another dress up contest in the future, so be thinking about how you want to dress up Bill Gates.