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Steve Jobs' face fashioned from fromage by foodie fanboy

A cookery enthusiast and self-proclaimed Apple fanboy has revealed how you too can sculpt Steve Jobs' head from two lumps of mozzarella and serve it up with some iPad Thai

Cheese is essential to the smooth running of Crave. Not only does it feature in three of our top ten geek recipes, but we keep an emergency can of Easy Cheese in the office at all times, in case a Craver gets intense cheddar-withdrawal symptoms and needs a pungent fromage hit. Imagine our delight this morning, then, as we found that a cookery enthusiast and self-proclaimed Apple fanboy has lovingly fashioned Steve Jobs' head out of mozzarella.

In an in-depth post, Ken, from culinary site The Cooks' Den, reveals how you too can construct your own cheesy tribute to the Jobsmeister. He also kindly provides three recipes that complement Steve's dairy-based bonce: Apple Cheese Plate, Spicy Steve Nachos Supreme (where the head is alarmingly melted), and iPad Thai. Well played, sir.

Will you be serving up a plate of Jobs on iPad launch day, as Ken suggests? Would you be disturbed if the effigy was left out for too long and developed the sweats, or would you find it added a more human feel to your creation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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