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Here's what young Steve Jobs and Bill Gates looked like

Photographer Doug Menuez focused his lens on early Silicon Valley and tech's pioneers. We now can see 100 of those photos online.

Steve Jobs Considers a Response. Palo Alto, California, 1986.

©Doug Menuez/Contour by Getty

After photographing Ethiopia's devastating famine in 1985, Doug Menuez wanted to take pictures of something hopeful. So he turned his sights on Silicon Valley.

From 1985 to 2000, Menuez documented tech's rise, capturing images of pioneers like Microsoft's Bill Gates, Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Autodesk's Carol Bartz. He also spent three years photographing Steve Jobs' launch of NeXT. Now the public can see dozens of these pictures online at Fearless Genius or buy them at the digital archive Menuez Fine Art Prints.

"The photographs give you the behind-the-scenes glimpse of this major shift in American business and culture," Menuez said in a statement.

Tech's pioneers have become as iconic in their way as famous politicians, athletes and artists. Menuez's photos give a rare peek into their lives and the early boom years of Silicon Valley.

Bill Gates Says No One Should Ever Pay More Than Fifty Dollars for a Photograph. Laguna Niguel, California, 1992.

©Doug Menuez/Contour by Getty

Menuez took more than 1 million photographs over those 15 years, which the Stanford University Library acquired in 2004. Hundreds of these photos are included in Menuez's book "Fearless Genius," published in 2014. The photographer is now selling the digital prints in part to support his Fearless Genius project, which also has film and educational materials to accompany the photos. The project aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The newly available photos are divided into four categories: culture, legends, women in technology and Jobs. They show images of programmers hunched over their desks, a young Gates talking to reporters and Jobs clapping his hands in glee.