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Steve Jobs appears in 1984 Ghostbusters spoof video

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak appear in a 1984 Ghostbusters spoof showing Apple as 'Blue Busters', taking down the mighty IBM.

Not content with being president of the US, Steve Jobs also appeared in an 80s Ghostbusters spoof video made by Apple, targeting its then main competitor IBM.

The video -- unearthed by Network World, the same guys who brought us Steve Jobs as FDR -- begins by showing a man in a lovely bow-tie becoming increasingly frustrated with his IBM computer as it oozes green slime over the keyboard (as was the style at the time). When this happens, who you gonna call? The Blue Busters, of course.

Enter a team of brave Apple employees, kitted out with proton packs who use their streams to pick up the IBM machine and send it into trash, while the cocky-sounding gent on the soundtrack explains "we ain't afraid of Big Blue". Big Blue of course being the informal nickname for the computing giant.

The Blue Busters make an appearance shortly after in a computer store, zapping IBM's computers with protons and somehow turning them into spanking new Macs. Call me a Doubting David, but I don't believe that's the same process Foxconn currently uses when building Apple's kit.

The late Steve Jobs himself makes a cameo appearance in the video at the 3:03 mark, looking particularly happy with his computing skills. His buddy Steve Wozniak also looks rather chuffed to be involved at around 2:25 where he shows off his mad hand skills.

The video was shown to its worldwide sales staff at a meeting in Hawaii in 1984, presumably to rally the troops' morale against 'Big Blue'. Steve Jobs also played the role of US president FDR in a spoof video shown at the same event.

Enjoy the video below and make sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.