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Steve Jobs 'admired' Mark Zuckerberg

Steve Jobs may not have had kind words for all in his biography, but he singled out Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for praise.

The revelations from Jobs' biography continue. Not only did he work on an Apple TV set and think the iPhone 4's antenna problems were part of a conspiracy by Google and Motorola, he also singled out an unlikely individual for praise.

Jobs admired Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, reports The Telegraph, for his refusal to sell out, as well as his domination of the social networking space. Well a winner loves another winner, we suppose.

"We talk about social networks in the plural, but I don't see anybody other than Facebook out there," Jobs told Walter Isaacson for the biography, Steve Jobs, published yesterday. "Just Facebook, they are dominating this. I admire Mark Zuckerberg… for not selling out, for wanting to make a company. I admire that a lot."

High praise indeed. Though Jobs doesn't admire everyone for sticking to their guns, as he singled out Dropbox for criticism in a keynote after the founders wouldn't hear out Jobs' pitch.

Jobs was also scathing about Bill Gates, accusing him of being unimaginative. "Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think he's more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology," he said.

He also vowed to wage thermonuclear war on Android, accusing it of being a "stolen product." This, along with his idea that the iPhone 4's antenna problems were part of a smear campaign, hints things were quite heated between the two companies.

Apple's design supremo Jony Ive is also revealed in the biography to be locked away in a private design studio, meeting with Jobs but rarely other senior Apple staff. Ive said he pays "maniacal attention to where an idea comes from, and I even keep notebooks filled with my ideas. So it hurts when he [Jobs] takes credit for one of my designs."

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