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Steve Jobs action figure sports youthful '70s mop top

This super-realistic action figure has a funky set of threads befitting a pioneering computer entrepreneur. Just don't call it a doll.

1970s Steve Jobs
'Steve Jobs forever' reads this promo pic for Japan-based Legend Toys' latest action figure. Legend Toys

It's been just over two years since Steve Jobs died, and it's probably not surprising that there's more than one action figure of the Apple icon.

Japan's Legend Toys has released its latest ultra-realistic 12-inch figure of Jobs, but this one is the young brash executive from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Available with mop top and double-breasted suit, the mini-Jobs comes with an amazingly detailed 1:6-scale version of the Apple I as an accessory.

The Young Steve Jobs is based on the entrepreneur's life from 1976 to 1984, and he's pretty groovy-looking in a refined lava lamp kind of way. Coincidentally, that time frame is when AM airwaves were filled with divinely smooth music known as yacht rock. But I digress.

The figure comes in two versions, one with the late-'70s suit and one from the early '80s with turtleneck and jeans.

The clothing was designed by Japanese doll expert Yuko Nakamori, while the figure itself was created by Takao Kato, who designed Legend's older Jobs figure, released last year.

I've had the grizzled Jobs figure sitting by my desk for a few months now, and he makes for an inspiring conversation piece.

Complete with faithfully recreated eyeglasses, New Balance sneakers, a black leather recliner, and interchangeable hands, the figure is nothing if not a testament to obsessive craftsmanship.

The attention to detail is still there with the latest Jobs. Its Apple I is actually made of laser-cut, engraved wood and comes with a keyboard, motherboard, and cabling.

"We think all the Steve fans will want to collect these historic symbols to remember him and to witness the history of the legend," says Legend. "We think you can feel that we are not just making a commodity -- all our artists including sculptors, painters, tailors and all our staff are working wholeheartedly to recreate our spiritual mentor."

Apple doesn't seem to mind these tributes from Legend. Although a Hong Kong toy company stopped making its Jobs figures in response to pressure from Apple, Legend said it hasn't heard anything from the computer giant so far.

The Young Steve Jobs action figure will go on sale in late November, priced at $149.99.

Check out more pics of the latest mini-Jobs, as well as some of its predecessor, in the gallery above.