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Stephen Colbert, seeking (even) more hipness, launches video game

Technically Incorrect: What next? Stephen Colbert has desperately been trying to keep the Web warm before his show launches. But a video game?

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

What a cunning way to suck you in. Late Show With Stephen Colbert screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Stephen Colbert, the serious man's Donald Trump, has been too long in the wilderness.

His lonely ululations of despair have been cast toward the Internet for several months now. There was instant video mockery of the Supreme Court justices who sniffed at gay marriage. There was even a Trump-inspired YouTube announcement about an announcement.

He needs the young to follow him all the way to his new Late Show With Stephen Colbert, which debuts September 8 on CBS. (Disclosure: CBS is the parent of CNET.)

His latest step in keeping youthful minds occupied is to launch his own browser-based video game. It's called Escape From The Man-Sized Cabinet, which has all the snappiness of Grand Theft Auto.

The game has a very cunning way of sucking you into its glory. It opens with "Congratulations. You're Stephen Colbert." Who wouldn't wish this? He seems such a deeply happy man.

You are then thrust deep into the bowels of his frustration. He's being prevented from driving his go-kart around the office.

That's when he espies the man-sized cabinet. What is it? To where could it lead? This is the gamer's dilemma. I won't spoil the full glory of the action. Suffice it to say there are no straight lines in this game and, as with so many games, winning is a nebulous concept.

I fear that many children and possibly even sprightly animals may become engrossed in this cabinet, only to emerge occasionally for pizza and homilies.

I fear that Colbert, like so many techies, does not know what he's wrought.